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Q. What is the internal mail system for and how do I use it?
A. The internal mail system was created to avoid sending personally identifiable client information via email. The system will send you messages letting you know when you receive a new authorization, when an authorization has been canceled or discontinued, when a clients information has been updated, etc. The system can also be used to communicate to other providers that use the Eiclient system.

All the messages are displayed on the 'Home' page of the system under the Mail header. After you read each message to move it to the read messages folder click on the message, the message will change to a highlighted color, and then click the Read button. If you have more then one message you can select each message then click the read button. Once you mark a message as read the message can be viewed for 30 days under the Mail menu, View Old Mail. After 30 days the message will be deleted from the system.

To send a message to another provider go to the Mail menu, select Compose, select the person you wish to send the message to (You can hold down on the ctrl key to select more then one person to send the same message) Type your message in the message area (Use shift enter for next line, enter for next paragraph) when you are finished click the Send Message button.

Look for the word Help or a ? for additional help information. Just mouse over these items and a box with additional information will appear.

If you have an Eiclient email account you can use the Mail, Email menu item to access your web based email client.

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