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Q. How do I track my billing, see how much I have billed and what has been paid or rejected?
A. When you create an invoice to be submitted for payment, either electronic or paper, it will be stored under Open Invoices in the Invoices menu. To see what the total amount bill for the invoice you just created go to the Invoices menu select Open Invoices, click on the invoice, you will then see a table with all the records you just submitted with the total at the bottom.

Once the system receives a payment advise file from Covansys (called and 835 file) it will reconcile it automatically against the open invoices. Once all the records on an invoice have been marked either paid or rejected the invoice will then move to Closed Invoices under the Invoices menu. To see what records have been paid or rejected under the Invoices menu select Closed Invoices then click on the invoice. You will see a table with all the billing records each record will be marked with either a green box with a P (Paid) or a red box with an R (Rejected). If the record is paid then you do not need to do anything else. If the record is rejected then you should see the Support FAQ I have rejected billing what should I do now?.

You can also see each record from the payment advise file and the total amount of the deposit you will receive from the state by going to the Invoice menu and selecting Payment History. The first table you will see shows you the payment advise file name, the reference no (This is the check number) the date of the file and the amount of the check/deposit you should receive. If you click on each of the files you will see another table with each record for that payment advise weather it was paid or rejected and which invoice it was matched to or that it went to the unmatched record database.

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