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Industry leading EDI solution selected.
Easy Setup
New "setup" file makes getting started with Eiclient much easier.
New Server!
The move to a new sever was a success!
What you should know about Eiclient security.
SSL Certificate Authority
Easy electronic billing
Submitting your billing to your central finance office (CFO) has never been easier! Simply logon, enter your billing, create an invoice and a file will be generated and automatically uploaded to the CFO for processing.
Payment Tracking
EiClient automatically downloads the payment advise file generated by the CFO to the EiClient Portal for processing. The results will be automatically reconciled against the invoices you have submitted. Payment or rejection of the billing will be available for your review.
Authorization Management
Authorizations for every client generated by the CFO are downloaded and added to your account automatically. EiCleint uses this information to track your billable service units and is displayed in a table for easy tracking.
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Save invoice and payroll records to PDF format.
Fill, print, email, save WVBTT PDF documents.
Non-billable time & mileage tracking.
It can be tough waiting to get paid by the state and we know it is necessary to rely on credit cards or lines of credit to make it through. If you are looking for a credit card to help try
this website is a great resource to compare cards to help you find the best rate you can get.

I use and highly recommend AVG for your internet security program. They have a free edition that works just as well as many of the paid anti-virus programs.